New Gemeinhardt Dealer

New School of Music is happy to be a new Gemeinhardt Dealer and look forward to our new relationship with them and our stock shipment just in time for our rental season in August.  We have had previously owned Gemeinhardt flutes and piccolos in our rental fleet, but now can provide a larger section of flutes from student to professional level. 

Gemeinhardt is well-known for the flutes.  Their flutes have been a standard choice of music teachers and highly recommended for generations.  I am pleased to have a couple of Gemeinhardt Flutes I play and recommend it to my students.  Today, the Gemeinhardt Company provides a wide range of instruments for the student to the professional. As the Gemeinhardt family did for four generations, the artisans at Gemeinhardt and their worldwide partners share their expertise, passing on the time honored art of musical instrument making from generation to generation, taking great pride in placing the Gemeinhardt name on every instrument.

Feel free to come to one of our locations and talk with me.  We do have flutes, piccolos, and other instruments available for purchase or lease to own. 

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Gemeinhardt's Story

Founded by Kurt Gemeinhardt, a 4th generation flute-maker in Germany, the Gemeinhardt company was established in 1948, 20 years after Gemeinhardt’s immigration to the United States. 

Kurt's father had studied under Emil Rittershausen, who had been trained by Theobald Boehm, and so the instruments they produce can trace their lineage back to the creator of the Boehm System. After working as his father's apprentice, Kurt left Germany to work his trade in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he crafted handmade flutes for the world's most prestigious musicians. While in Switzerland his fame as the foremost creator of quality hand-crafted musical instruments spread worldwide.

In 1928, Kurt Gemeinhardt was persuaded by George Bundy of Selmer USA Company to travel to America to create instruments in Elkhart, Indiana. After twenty years of developing flutes for others, Kurt opened his own manufacturing plant, The Gemeinhardt Company, where every instrument since has been engraved with the Gemeinhardt name. Initially, Kurt's vision was to produce a limited quantity of professional all-silver flutes, but demand for his unique flutes increased beyond his expectations. The original 20- by 40-foot Gemeinhardt factory was replaced in 1951 with a new plant, designed by Kurt himself, to meet new manufacturing needs. By this time the Gemeinhardt line expanded to include mid-priced flutes, soon followed by the introduction of entry-level flutes. Gemeinhardt's newest expansion occurred in September 1997 with the acquisition of Roy Seaman Piccolo Company. Roy Seaman manufactures handcrafted, grenadilla wood piccolos. This legendary name is known worldwide for professional quality instruments.

Initially crafting only very fine hand made flutes for professionals, the company expanded in 1952, moving to Elkardt, Indiana, to produce all levels of silver flutes. Beginner student flutes were developed at this time as well. It was these flutes that eventually became the bread and butter of the corporation as Gemeinhardt’s reputation for fine beginner flutes became a hallmark of the industry.

The Gemeinhardt Company is very popular in the music field, although it hasn't always followed the mainstream. In the mid 1970s Albert Cooper modified the placement of toneholes on the flute so that it would match the common tuning of A at 440 Hz. Before this many flutes were still designed with an older A435Hz tone hole placement (scale), despite being designed to play at A440Hz through the use of a shortened headjoint. Many flute companies recognized this change and therefore his scale and decided to make their flutes in the same way, but the Gemeinhardt Company was slow to modify their design. This in turn makes notes played in the higher register on an old Gemeinhardt flute sharp and the lower register flat. This can cause issues for beginner flutists if they are playing an old Gemeinhardt (pre-21st century), but with practice they can learn to play the flute so that the notes are correct. Otherwise, they may consider buying a newer Gemeinhardt flute.

However, the design of Gemeinhardt's flutes have changed often since then and have been updated and redesigned accordingly.

In 2014 the Gemeinhardt Company introduced a new line of flutes named "The Kurt Gemeinhardt Generation Series" at the National Flute Association's annual convention in Chicago. Consisting of entirely American-made conservatory and professional flutes, this line was developed by Tom Lacy and Dave Siekman. These flutes utilize the RS2012 Scale invented by famous flutists Trevor Wye, William Bennett, and Eldred Spell. This scale design is claimed to be the most accurate on the market.

In 1997, Gemeinhardt acquired the Roy Seaman Piccolo Company.
In addition to flutes and piccolos, Gemeinhardt also has a line of saxophones and clarinets.
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